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Nowadays with social media breathing down our necks, we have certain expectations.

Something you post on Facebook, you expect to get comments and likes.

A picture on Instagram, you want to know how many people would hit the like button. And if there are comments, that’s a bonus. How many people watch your stories. Any new followers?

Has your story on Snapchat being looked at and by how many?

All of these platforms come with a feature of messaging. You can also privately message anybody on any of those. Which then becomes a bit like a dating tool.

So with all of this in mind, we obviously have certain expectations. If I post something, or upload a picture, will the person I’m interested on hit the like button?

Usually no, they will instead read the comments left by others but will not give you the satisfaction of you knowing that they liked your post. Which is probably the main reason you posted in the first place, to catch their specific attention.

And then you start to wonder, why if he is online, and liked other posts, why doesn’t he like mine? Well, he probably does like it, but will not admit it publicly.

If he does at any point, he is desperate to see you. Which is what this comes from: “Look what the selfie dragged on”.

Best thing to do is unplug from everything, if he really wants to see you, he’ll find the way, by traditional methods.

Something to think about. Later😉


It’s widely known that time is Precious, valuable to everybody.

We all have heard sayings like “best to miss a minute in life, than life in a minute”.

We don’t like to waste our precious time, and nowadays there are so many things to do and jiggle with the 24 hours that a day has got to offer.

If we take away the hours at work, sleeping, commuting and common tasking, we are really only left with a few hours spare to enjoy our day. If any of our pre programmed tasks are delayed, then chances are, we won’t be able to enjoy our spare time as planned.

Nowadays we have all sort of compromise to attend, visiting here and there. Work dos, birthdays, gigs, pubbing, than when we really want to make time to spend with your love ones, it’s difficult to coincide.

Something has come up and we can’t meet. I’m away for work and coming back really late. Let’s play by ear. Let’s rain check at the weekend. All of these could potentially be true and meaningful, but there is slight chance that could also be excuses. It’s a difficult one.

Personally I would like to give the benefit of the doubt. As long as what it is promised after is actually carried through. That’s the key to a relationship, if you say something, mean it and do it. Don’t break that promise, because it will always be very hard to come back from that deception.

Till next blog.

We live in a society where everything needs to be defined either by a title or a name, maybe to be able to comprehend that situation or anything that relates to.

We also tend to have an idea of what’s wrong or what’s good. What is politically correct or not. What suits best or what doesn’t. What’s expected or not. Then again, all those are just suppositions and therefore inaccurate assumptions. Because we know that there are always exceptions to the rules.

People feel the need to ask questions and expect and answer, an answer that does not necessarily means it would be the answer they expect. We tend to ask rhetoric questions for answer that we already know. But when we answer honestly and truthfully to that question, sometimes they don’t like it. That was not the answer they were expecting.

I can’t see how random people you have just met, feel they’ve got the right to judge you and your partner.

A: How long have you two been together?

B: I really don’t want to answer that

A: I wouldn’t put you the two of you together.

B: Why is that?

Who gives them the right to judge why any given people can’t be together? Regardless of age, gender, background, religion, status… who are you to say such and such are not good for me, not suitable, or what else. Do I sense a tone of jealously? Maybe.

I never found out the reason behind such a degrading, unrespectful comment. But I don’t need to.

Sometimes, if not always, I’m not prepared to give explanations or justify me or my acts. I don’t feel the need to share my private life with everybody or anybody. If I want to share, I will. But please don’t ask or make irrelevant comments that the only thing it does is hurting people.

Life doesn’t understand of cliches, or conventional. It would be a very boring life to live on.

I’ll say, if life gives you lemons, just make a lemonade.

Until next 😉

Communication is a powerful word, tool and resource.

As humans, is the tool we use to express what we want to say or how we feel. It’s obviously what differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Nowadays there are many more ways to communicate other than in person or a phone call. There is video calling, instant message and any other method in the world of social media. We could say, there is a bigger umbrella for communicating one another. Or is it?

Women embrace all these methods by expressing what they mean or want to say by instant messaging, texting, voice message, direct message, private or public messages. Sometimes we feel a public message will get the message across to a vast majority.

Unfortunately men haven’t got it so easy to express themselves. Their lack of verbiage and the bare sentences they produce leaves us women frustrated and wondering if they should need to take a language test. Which concludes in half sentences, half words, monosyllable and at the end alot of questions in our head because we can’t simply understand the simplicity they use to communicate.

Communication can also be mistreated and can cause upsetting or breaking up. But I’m a big believer in honesty and straightforward conversations. I can’t stand pretenders or people who lie. For that same token, I also have faith that through communication that misunderstanding or upsetting moment can also be fixed.

It’s my eternal wishful thinking and forever hopeful. 💜

There is something about this 21st century that we can’t live without, and that’s our smartphone. With that it comes social media, apps, messaging, video calling. It’s great as we have so many ways of communication, or is it?

You would think that you are super connected in every possible way, but sometimes that is far from reality. With such great technology and endless possibilities, also come great expectations. And that’s when it becomes a problem.

Anybody knows what is the protocol of responding? It should be simple, you text, the recipient sees it and then responds. Not in reality. The constant checking of the “double tick”, “last seen”, “delivered – received”, “seen” and no immediate reaction back it can be become stressful, and even obsessive.

It should be easy to follow the protocol, it’s just pure courtesy and polite. We will save us all alot of unneeded distress.

It should part of the t&c of every single app.

Just something to think about.

Till next 😉

Have you ever met the opposite gender version of yourself? In this case, the male version of myself.

I have come across recently with someone that the more I know about him, the freakier it gets as everyday I’m even more convinced that he is the male version of myself. It’s like looking at myself in the mirror, in a younger male version.

Everyone knows there a 6 degrees of separation, meaning that at one point or another, you are surrounded by someone who will have a connection in someway with you. Life has managed to find the unexpected connection between my male self and myself. It sounds a bit surreal, but sometimes life is.

I wonder, how much you have to have in common with a person to connect? But if the personality of a person is, it’s exactly like yours, in many ways, then you have got your match. And if so, where has this person been all your life, or at least partly, and most importantly what is the reason of showing up in your life now?

It’s widely known that opposites attract, that has usually being the case. Though this time, it’s the opposite at such, as the equals attract. It should make some sense, as you are both so equal that it should be easy to get along, or equally clash so hard that can make it all gone wrong. And if there was going to be love involved, would be like loving your own self?

Many questions unanswered.

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Is the second month of the year; is the shortest month of the year; it only has 28 days and in lap years 29. This is why it is so special, but the reason as to why it is so special, it’s because is my birthday month.

I was lucky to be born on this unique month like no other. All the other months have got either 30 or 31 days, but no February. With its uniqueness and individualism reflects to perfection my character.